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"where business strategy meets somatic energetics paired with wellness and CEO optimization"


relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind


the branch of science dealing with the properties of energy and the way in which it is redistributed in physical, chemical, or biological processes

Your body's ability to hold the things you say you desire is your key to the life and business of your dreams. it's time you do the inner work necessary to leave the legacy you were born to leave.

Alexandria Marie is the CEO and Founder of Grace Alexander and the Enriched. She's known as the secret weapon of women who have decided their experience of success and legacy gets to feel easy, luxurious and limitless.

A 5/1 manifesting generator, Virgo, and an ID on the DISC profile, working with Alex means having a somatic energetics healer, business coach, psychic, holistic nutritionist, communications and leadership expert, executive director, wellness consultant, and trauma healer at your fingertips.

"My manigen personality means I'm constantly moving, learning and growing. I'm thoroughly convinced when Robert Greene wrote, "Jack of all trades master of none, oftentimes better than master of none" about William Shakespeare he was having a premonition about my style of business. My entire life has been dedicated to breaking myself and others out of a box, burning down what's no longer working and digging deep to find your true purpose. The odds of you becoming human are one in 400 trillion. I know you were born to do great things, and I will stop at nothing for your voice to be heard."

Your business and impact grow at the rate of your inner work and ability to hold the space, clients, visibility and responsibility of the next level. Instead of your goals being external, how can we turn inwards and make our goals about who we want to become in the process of our glass ceiling shattering goals? That's where I come in, welcome home. Welcome to Grace Alexander.

meet Alex, ceo, consultant + leader

Enriched is a self led, live and community hybrid that houses the Enriched Business School, Healing and Wellness Center and Leadership Academy for professional growth. Live calls are held weekly for timeline shifting, deep inner work, amplification of your message, leadership trainings, and more, so YOU are growing and able to hold more space as the CEO of your empire.

This hybrid mastermind-membership is designed for simultaneous optimization of personal and business growth.  Far too often we're asked to choose, so we built a home where you can easily move between the two, giving you the platform to focus your energy on what you need most each day.

self development, healing and business success 


How do I possibly summarize a lifetime of thanks for one human? You know when someone comes into your life and is arguably one of the single biggest reasons it dramatically improved both your life and your business? That is Alex. She is one of few who I am grateful to for LIFE and is one of the single largest reasons we’ve made it this far as a business. Consider her the Mastermind oz behind the curtain. I worked with Alex for much of the last year and a half in large capacity, and without her, we simply would not be where we are today: in a space of 100K + launches, over a Quarter of a Mill per year, and growing to a soon to be multi-million dollar year space.

Most I have hired looked “shiny” when I hired them and then never truly got in the deep with my business. Alex was by my side every moment in the deep, digging into the depths of not only what makes my business succeed but what makes ME succeed. She sees every angle of you. Your health and physical body (hello energetics of food expert and BEST at this), your energetics (medium, in tune with Source, able to channel your best creativity WITH you), your business (Alex KNOWS numbers, she KNOWS business, and she knows scaling strategy) like an organized Wizard.

This Wonder Woman of a human is the most well-rounded by-your-side business mentor I’ve ever had by my side, and most importantly? She CARES. She goes above and beyond to see your dreams come true even when you feel others haven’t listened or fully seen you. You would be wildly foolish not to work with her.

- Emily

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A lifestyle podcast for the entrepreneur.

For the closet biohackers, Virgo list builders and legacy driven women dedicated to never ending growth and refinement. Enriched is for the 2mm thinkers dedicated to a life extraordinarily lived, where great isn’t good enough because you’re here to leave your mark on the world. Each episode will help you refine your routines, wellness, body, energy and business and act as the catalyst for change meant to calibrate you to the actions, results and energy of your next evolution.





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