Let’s Talk Personal Best

Let’s talk personal best.  We try all the time to put that best foot forward in our work, in our appearance, in our relationships.  Think about the pressure to know what to do to achieve that, let alone actually doing the necessary steps to achieve.  Very often, we put our own wellness care on hold though to accomplish what we’ve determined is priority. Often that order is to get everything else accomplished and with left over time I’ll get to the gym, or take a run/walk, get a massage, cook for myself tonight, etc.; I’m sure you get it. Often I suggest to my clients to imagine that airplane safety talk where they tell the adults in the plane to put their masks on first to take care of those needing some help.  That scenario should play in our head often!! Imagine the mountains that could be moved cheerfully, without unnecessary stress and to our best ability if we would only take the time to set ourselves up for success. Understanding that a nonnegotiable time commitment to one’s self is the key to accomplishing what is really your best case wellness plan.

What are the key components?  Self worth, confidence, passion and drive are fundamental components of happiness and success. Feeling well mentally and physically and looking your best doesn’t have to be hard and is integral to achieving daily goals! Look at the impossible as I’Mpossible. Establishing a basic routine to your daily wellness plan requires reflection and time. Also, starting slow and taking small actionable steps rather than overwhelming your life with a dump of new things to do will result in a sustainable personal best plan.

Start by celebrating the morning! Look forward to getting out of bed ideally when its still quiet and “do” your morning centering routine which should include journaling and reflection or meditation to quiet your mind, be still, be present without distraction. This daily dose of quiet time has been linked to high production creative output during your working day and is critical to resetting your mind and heart focus for the day; not only for you but for your personal and professional relationships. Maybe take your morning routine outside when possible and let nature take over to naturally move you into some calm space to journal or meditate. If you are new to meditation, it’s important to know there’s a structure or way to gently encourage your mind is move into a space of stillness, and I highly suggest exploring the app Headspace to help you do this.

Journaling on the other hand is simply putting pen to paper or your fingers to a keyboard without structure.

“I never travel without my diary, one should have something sensational to read on the train.”

Oscar Wilde, 19th Century Playwright

This is funny and yet I agree!  Looking back at some of my journal entries has been entertaining, heartbreaking, mind-blowing, thought provoking- I could go on but I’m sure you get this too. The act of writing accesses your left brain which is analytical and rational; while your left brain is busy, your right brain has the opportunity- the freedom- to create and feel.  Writing for yourself, my friends, is liberating! There is science to support health benefits linked to journaling.

I’m ending here to encourage you to begin with these two extremely powerful new actions daily to make a profound impact on establishing or re-establishing your personal wellness plan. I know taking this time for yourself at the beginning of the day will empower you during your day to make meaningful decisions and connections; all the while feeling connected to yourself.  That’s the bottom line.