Jumping.. The New Way to Detox

Jumping on a trampoline to start your day should be your non negotiable way to detox as part of your morning routine. Stay with me here, it might not sound like a necessity, but I do it every day because it’s the #1 way to boost detoxification in your body. 

We are exposed to toxins 24/7 in the products we use and the air we breathe. Between the pesticides in foods, pollution in the air, the products that we put on our skin, even down to the deodorant we use, we are constantly exposing our bodies to toxins that we expect it then to remove. That’s why it’s crucial we start our day with helping our bodies process and expel them ASAP. Detoxing is essential for a healthy body, and in turn a healthy lifestyle.

The Lymphatic System is a network of glands that transports lymph through the body. It plays a major role in detoxifying the body and fighting infection, and includes the lymph nodes along with the spleen and tonsils. The Lymphatic System works in tandem with the circulatory system, but it doesn’t have an organ to stimulate it like the heart does for the circulatory system. This is why physical activity is key to boosting the lymph and helping it flow properly. The gravitational force of jumping on a trampoline makes it the most effective way to stimulate the lymphatic system, even more effective than the fan favorite of running. 

Here are key ways to promote a healthy lymphatic system:

  • Drink lots of water. Drinking water promotes increased blood flow and the creation of important cells that move throughout the body. It also encourages the flushing out of toxins. 
  • Exercise. Any kind of physical activity – particularly the kind that engages your leg muscles – promotes healthy movement of lymph through the body. This is why I believe jumping on the trampoline in the morning is an easy and fun way to guarantee you start out the day right by detoxing!
  • Massage. Massage has many health benefits including stress reduction, but it is also a localized way to promote blood circulation and to stimulate lymph vessels. This is a great way to combat stagnation in the body. 

Jumping on a mini-tramp takes minimal investment and has the potential to create big change in your body! That’s why I highly encourage this method of detox when I’m working with any of my client’s. I even recommend you keep it in their office to use when you need to break things up and move your body! For my mom’s I highly encourage you to use it as a great way to improve your kid’s health and yours while playing at home (once they’re old enough). If you love to Netflix and chill then keep one by your TV! Whatever ensures you’re going to make it into a daily non negotiable!

Detoxing is the first essential step towards creating balance in the body and promoting overall health, so why not start your day by adding my #1 recommended tip to your morning routine?

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