Redefining Embodiment : My Open Letter to You

It’s time we redefine embodiment and integrate it on a cellular level. Embodiment are the daily actions you take, how you choose to live your lifestyle. It’s the way that you’re showing up every single day.

It’s the choices that you’re making. It’s the thoughts that you’re thinking, it’s the foods that you’re eating. It’s the spiritual connections, it’s your rituals, your habits, your routines, your fulfillment, your delight, it’s all of the things that you make a decision on every single day.

Embodiment, if you are in the world of business coaching, is focusing on you and your expansion so your business can grow allowing you to hold more. Embodiment is working through the trauma, working through what’s holding you back in your body and the trauma it holds.

But to me, at it’s core, embodiment is your lifestyle. We are the product of our decisions, the product of our choices. Life is not about what happens to you, it’s about what you do with that information.

I see my purpose on this earth being so much greater since my accident. I see it as God’s wake up call saying you are not doing everything that you can do. I gave you a life. You chose this life. Live it and do what you’re supposed to be here to do. I would trade nothing for this life. Every single thing that you experience gets you closer to where you want to go. It’s not about what happens to you. It’s about how you react to it. It’s about what you do with that information.

You bet your ass that I am going to be so laser focused this year on getting you to wake up, getting you to be fulfilled, getting you to heal the trauma, getting you to stop looking at your business to start looking at you. Start looking at your fulfillment, your joy, your life and your happiness. If there’s anything that I have learned in the last couple of weeks, it’s because of my belief systems and understanding this idea of embodiment, understanding that my purpose is living within my body. “Enriched” literally means rich within, right? Rich, wealth, wealthy within. If I had not done the inner work, I would not have been strong enough to preserve this mind set through these trials.

I’m going to challenge you, spend two or three days writing down every 30 minutes what you did for the last 30 minutes? Did you scroll on Instagram? Did you respond to the notifications that you have? Did you actually work? Did you eat? Did you like what you did? Did you meditate? Every single thing that you do track every single thing that you do for three days. By the end of three days, I want you to sit yourself down, I want you to look at that list. I want you to ask yourself, does your lifestyle match what it is that you believe about yourself and your purpose? If the answer is no, it’s time to make some changes. The biggest thing that I want you to focus on here is you.

If you want to hear more from this channeled rant you can listen to the podcast episode by CLICKING HERE.

Podcast Timestamps:
00:45 True embodiment is…
01:59 Working through trauma
04:34 Habits, rituals, routine, emotions, daily experience
07:36 The accident *trigger warning*
12:05 This year’s laser focus
14:20 How are you going to support where you’re headed?
17:12 Your “homework”

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