You’re 5 Tips Away from Falling in Love with Food Again PLUS Manifesting Through Nutrition

Busy entrepreneurs have fallen into the habit of not taking care of ourselves, reaching for whatever’s easiest and convenient. For peak performing women, this is hurting us more than we think. These 5 tips will help you not only fall in love with food again, but also help you hack your body and get us closer to our goals without lifting a finger outside of your food routines.

1. Eat Intentionally
Every time you eat you have the opportunity to integrate your goals into your body. Set the intention that your food will calibrate your body to your next level. Make food time about you. When you infuse the intention of gratitude and then also the intention of what you’re looking to achieve by eating that food, that is when your food starts working for your benefit.

2. Eat the Rainbow
From a holistic nutritionist perspective, the macro and micro nutrients you get from eating the rainbow is exactly what your body needs in order to fuel and detox. This also fills your body with the nutrients it needs not just to function, but to thrive.

3. Drink Water, (Just Do It)
if we’re not drinking water, we’re not giving our body what it needs in order to flush out the toxins in order for your There’s a reason you’ve heard this a million times, because it’s important. If you’re not drinking water, you’re not giving your body what it needs in order to flush out the toxins your body needs to get rid of. 

4. Reduce Inflammatory Foods
Eat foods around the perimeter of the grocery store, foods that have had a life cycle, not things that I’ve been sitting in cans for literally years. Be intentional, you know when things are good for you.

5. Get Curious
Get curious with what your body needs throughout the day in order to give it what it needs. What did it take for this food to get to you? What is it that this food is going to do for your body? These kinds of questions will help you align your diet with your goals.

Food is a direct link to the body. It’s like the biohackers dream. Cravings are our chakras screaming for us to understand what the body needs for example, when you’re not feeling safe, when you’re not feeling rooted, your root chakra is not on fire. Feelings of safety, security, and stability are in your control, and it starts with what you eat.

Want to learn more about this topic? Listen to the Podcast Episode where we dive deep into each topic.

02:01 Is Self Care Actually Taking Care of Ourselves?
07:41 Hack #1 : Intentional Eating
10:49 Hack #2 : Eating the Rainbow and How it Correlates to the Chakras
18:11 Hack #3 : Drink Water, Just Do It
24:34 Hack #4 : Reduce Inflammatory Foods
26:19 Hack #5 : Get Curious

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