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Enriched is a self led, live and community hybrid that houses the Enriched Business School, Healing and Wellness Center and Leadership Academy for professional growth. Live calls are held weekly for timeline shifting, deep inner work, amplification of your message, leadership trainings, and more, so YOU are growing and able to hold more space as the CEO of your empire.

This hybrid mastermind-membership is designed for simultaneous optimization of personal and business growth.  Far too often we're asked to choose, so we built a home where you can easily move between the two, giving you the platform to focus your energy on what you need most each day.

self development, healing and business success 



Let's face it... you're already a successful, driven woman, creating true impact in the world. You know that strategy alone won't get you to the next level, embodying your unique expansion coding will. You hold BIG SPACE for your people. I have just one question, how held and supported do you allow yourself to be?

Are you ready to break through the glass ceiling of needing to push, hustle and burn out for your business (the days of cancelling Friday night plans in favor of Canva are behind you) and instead scale your empire with ease, authenticity and luxury?

Do you want to feel so confident in your skin that your morning routine includes dancing naked to Higher Love in front of the mirror feeling nothing but gratitude and pride for every inch of you? 

Can you feel the areas of your body and energy that feel stuck and stagnant, holding you back and creating pain in your mind, body and soul, but don't know how to get un-stuck?

Have you mastered leadership with your team and commanded the movement you've created so you are guaranteed to leave a legacy?

Are you interested in learning how hacking your rituals and routines, discovering the power of Food as Medicine, learning how to eat based on your cycle, your chakras, your DNA + bloodwork, paired with your own bioindividuality as the key to thriving?

Do you want to tap deeper into your intuition and learn how to master your energy in an instant?

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■  Push boundaries.

■  Dream big.

■  Lead.

■  See the parts of themselves they wish would stay hidden.

■  Connect with their bodies.

■  Master communication and understand how words and intent are one of our greatest tools as mentors.

■  Heal the shame, guilt, and heaviness of their past mistakes.

■  Fill their cup so they can give from abundance and overflow.

■  Transcend patterns of all past, present, parallel and future timelines and heal so their kids can be free from generational trauma.

■  Grow their business from a healed and empowered place.

Described by clients as "the mirror you sometimes wish you wouldn't have to see" any space Alex holds is one of deep truth and healing.

Enriched is not for the faint of heart, it's not a place for quick tips to get rich, it's for those who dare to...

Not having to jump from mentor to mentor because each month you experience two intensive weeks of classes, healings and trainings in experts in their own fields.


A community of women dedicated to personal and professional growth, who understand what you're going through and are committed to supporting your success.


Healing so deeply in your body, through the Akashic Records and in the Quantum that you're able to hold more money, clients, visibility, leadership, love, relationships and all you desire in your dream life.


Having a self led business, wellness and leadership trainings all at your fingertips so your questions were answered when and where you need them.



"wow! Enriched is exactly what i've been missing. it's like Peloton but for entrepreneurship, Healing and self development."

I want in too!

A membership designed for you. A woman with a deep desire for growth, who can't ignore the fire burning inside you getting stronger each day. You're ready to explore the depths of yourself and your willpower to meet the edges of what's possible overpowers everything that tells you you can't.

This is for you. This is Enriched.



here's what's included in Your Enriched Membership

I'm all in! join now.

Each month Alex takes you through her signature Cellular Recalibrations so you begin each month primed and anchored to achieve your goals. The following two weeks guest experts in fields such as Quantum Healing, Human Design, Money + Investing, Healing, Business + Branding and more lead you through custom classes, healings and seminars designed to expand your body, life, and bank account. The final week of each month is designed as an integration week where Alex + the guest expert are here to support you as the information and recalibrations of each month land in your life and body.

live recalibrations, healings and classes with alex and monthly guest experts

Enriched Live

Each training in the Enriched Business School was carefully curated to meet you exactly where you are. The School consists of 6 modules broken down by current income : Inconsistent Income - $5K Months, $5-10K Months, $10-25K Months, $25-50K Months, $50-85K Months, and $85K and Beyond - with progressive access to each module as your income grows. Designed to keep you focused on tasks that actually move the needle, EBS is here to give you exactly what you need so you can grow your business while focusing on healing and the inner growth each new level requires.

self led trainings to help you start, grow, and scale your business. all of your business needs and questions answered at your fingertips.

Enriched Business School

Alex entered the world of entrepreneurship as a  Functional Medicine Specialist and has prided herself in being a "not so low key biohacker" so getting to the root cause of why something isn't aligned is at her very core. Knowing this, Alex designed the Enriched Healing and Wellness Center to help you, the CEO, fill your cup and thrive so you're giving from overflow. So often, this is a piece entrepreneurs overlook which is why it's so acutely highlighted inside of Enriched. From recipes to biohacking secrets, visceral healings and more, EHWC makes Enriched truly unique and a powerful tool for women.

a collection of classes, teachings and resources to help you heal and thrive from the inside out.

Enriched Healing and Wellness Center

10+ years studying leadership and communication has allowed for Alex shatter the glass ceiling time and time again. Landing a job in professional sports a week before her 18th birthday (the legal age you have to be to work there), Alex understood she needed to command her language to gain respect among the male athletes twice her age. Since then Alex has been a sought after speaker based on her ability to teach others how to communicate and influence. The Enriched Leadership Academy houses classes on DISC, Love Languages, 6 Basic Human Needs, Metaprogramming and more, all tools to help you hone your communication skills and become a more effective leader.

tools, classes and trainings to help you influence others, grow your team and enhance your communication skills.

Enriched Leadership Academy

The central focus inside of Enriched is each and every one of you. We understand how difficult it is to show up daily, dare to dream and fail, heal the deepest darkest parts of you, have launches flop and others exceed expectations; the Enriched Members Community is here to support you, love you, catch you when you fall, and a place for you to create genuine connections with women who understand what you're going through. Because we're not meant to do this alone and from today on you never have to again.

entrepreneurship is a lonely and isolating profession. EMC is a place for you to meet your new business best friend!

Enriched Members Community

Get full access to Mari Leigh's growing collection of self-guided tools to heal, recalibrate & call in your desires. Every item has been channeled from the Akashic Records & incorporated with quantum energy to help you reach your full potential & unlock the magic within. Whether you are looking to be embodied, grounded, wealthy, or reach your next level self (who doesn’t?), these are the tools to do it. Use the meditations, energy healings, affirmations, journal prompts, rituals & shields as frequently as you desire to upgrade your energy, attract your desires & incorporate healing into your routine.

For more information about Mari - visit her website.

Release. Recode. Recalibrate. with mari leigh, a quantum energy healer who uses the akashic records, subconscious reprogramming and more to heal

the vault

emily | moonrising

"You know when someone comes into your life and is arguably one of the single biggest reasons it dramatically improved both your life and your business? That is Alex from Grace Alexander. 

She is one of few who I am grateful to for LIFE and is one of the single largest reasons we’ve made it this far as a business. Consider her the Mastermind oz behind the curtain."

30min call with alex
($444 value)

CEO Optimization Bundle
($55 value)

Recalibration meditation
($149 Value)

we'll Add these bonuses:

when you join today


but we wanted enriched to be accessible to all women regardless of your income and so we are offering the first 20 members our founders pricing of

the complete enriched experience is worth $8898/mo

there isn't another membership like this out there for women in business + those ready to heal. The value is unparalleled. But if we had to put a number on it...

Enriched Live - Value $2650
Enriched Business School - Value $3000
Enriched Healing and Wellness Center - Value $1000
Enriched Leadership Academy - Value $1500
The Vault with Mari Leigh - Value $99
Enriched Members Community - PRICELESS

Bonus Offers - $648

Minimum of 3 month commitment. From there you can design your Enriched Experience, paying for what you need and leaving what you don't use. 

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Want a peak inside of Enriched U?

Here's just some of the trainings inside of Enriched Business School, Healing and Wellness Center and Leadership Academy.


If you want an easy and effortless life and business, it's time you focus less on strategy and more on healing your energy.

Be featured on the Enriched Podcast as a guest expert with Alex

Access to all past Guest Expert trainings (monthly members get all present + future trainings)

Quarterly 75min Mentorship Calls with Alex

Everything Included in the Monthly Pricing PLUS :

one payment of $10,000


Mari Leigh's Vault : A Quantum Energy Healing Center Channeled in the Akashic Records

Enriched Members Community

All Self Led Enriched Schools : Business, Healing and Wellness and Leadership

Enriched Live Recalibrations + Classes

Payments of $999


Enriched is a highly curated experience and Alex takes her guest selection very seriously. Each month Alex will look at what the members need and decide accordingly. Suggestions and input from members are strongly encouraged as we like to co create your experience with you, not give you what we think you need!

06. How do I know who guest experts will be?

Each Membership includes a 30min 1:1 call with Alex where she answers any questions you have, makes recommendations on where to start based on your goals and get's to know you better so she can provide luxury high touch support inside of Enriched. Annual memberships include 75min calls quarterly to be used how you see fit (business strategy, custom healing, wellness, communication and more).

05. Do you get 1:1 access to alex?

Our Schools and Community are hosted on Mighty Networks, our platform for the Enriched Membership, and Live Classes are hosted on Zoom.

04. where do you host enriched?

Because of the nature of the material, we have a strict no refund policy. You can cancel your membership at any time after the three month minimum commitment. 

03. do you offer refunds?

No! Right now all Enriched Schools - Business, Healing and Wellness, and Leadership - are exclusively part of the Enriched Membership.

02. can i get access to the business school without being in enriched?

Yes, at the beginning there is a 3 month commitment, after that you can cancel at any time.

01. Is there a monthly commitment?

your burning questions

answers to

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