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prefix "en" meaning within
"rich" meaning wealth

where women who feel Wealthy Within are made

For the Modern Ambitious Woman who is craving connection and a community that sees YOU, not just your business. 

A Deeper Spiritual Connection to Yourself, God and the Universe - Deepening your spiritual connection (to whatever/whomever you believe in) allows you to connect further with your purpose on this planet. It fuels you and your why.


A Business Where You Finally Thrive as the CEO - Success is determined by so much more than the 000,000's in your bank account. It's time to fill your cup as the CEO and start making decisions from a place of                                   


A Life Enriched by Experiences, Connections and Community - Being a women in business is extremely lonely. This community was founded to bring together ambitious women who are craving deeper connections.


A Vibrant Body, Inside and Out - From functional nutrition to hormones, gut health and anti inflammatory lifestyles, I am an expert in healing your body from the inside out so you feel proud and excited to be at home in your body.


The Enriched Community is for the woman who wants it all and is determined to live in overflow

Close your eyes and imagine having a community of like minded women genuinely interested in getting to know you as a person, not just a CEO. Where real support and the connections you make feel expansive and luxurious. I'm not just talking about a pseudo-mastermind where we all support each other's wins and $$$ made... I mean a real community where we dive deep into topics like wellness, spirituality, trauma, failure, nutrition, and so much more.

The Enrich Community is for the woman who wants it all and is determined to live in overflow - a vibrant life, career, health, friendships, impact - you know you were born to do great things and you will stop at nothing to change the world and for your voice to be heard.

This is your space to get what you need, when you need it. We are all here to support you every step of the way and to remind you that wealth is so much more than just dollars and cents. True wealth comes from an enriched life where you feel wealthy in mind, body, and soul, where when you're truly rich, you feel

wealthy within.

legacy and impact

is for Women Craving to Shatter the Glass Ceiling Together, Fail Together, and Pick Each Other Up Along the Way to Success.

It's time to tune out the noise and surround yourself with people who will help you push your boundaries so you can create the life (and legacy) of your dreams.



"Alex has changed my life. I encourage you to allow this gifted healer to guide you in your own journey to become your own healer. It will cause a ripple effect for yourself, your career, and all those you so dearly love!"

Enriched is a community that is built on this idea of compounding ripple effects, on building momentum, on finding the beauty in everything and slowing down.

This is a community that reminds you to find beauty in the pause where you don't just live for your next six figure launch. This is about helping you find happiness and depth in what happens in between. Helping you sink your teeth into every moment. Where it's not just about celebrating successes. 

But finding joy, delight, happiness and vibrancy in the in between where time stops.

the enriched community



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Rooted in Mindfulness, Intention and Spirituality

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Mary | soul aligned

"I needed someone to dig deeper than the surface. alex taught me how to Build a multi 6 figure business, lose weight with ease and how to heal myself from trauma." 

Have you mastered leadership with your team and commanded the movement you've created so you are guaranteed to leave a legacy?

Are you ready for every area of life to feel easier, more luxurious and more spacious? Do you want to tap deeper into your intuition and learn how to master your energy in an instant?

Do you want to feel so confident in your skin that your morning routine includes dancing naked to Higher Love in front of the mirror feeling nothing but gratitude and pride for every inch of you? 

Are you interested in learning how hacking your rituals and routines (the foods you eat, your morning routines, the clothes you wear, your sleep) paired with your own bioindividuality can be the key to thriving?

This Community is for Women Who Have Decided Their Experience Of Success Gets To Feel Luxurious and Full.

I'm a jack of all trades who deeply believes in a mission of helping women discover and live their legacy. Each month I will lead you in calls that will break you open and upgrade your cellular programming to your next level self. Each call will be centered around your body, mind, soul, business and all the areas you need to generate consistent wealth in your body, life and your business.

Founder of Grace Alexander. A business strategist, spiritual mentor and wellness coach who believes the key to unlocking a business that pairs wealth with true, lasting impact is YOU.

Hi, I'm Alex,

The Enriched WORK$PACE : The Modern Ambitious Woman CEO Division.

If You're a Business Owner, CEO, or Entrepreneur and You Want a community that supports the balance between CEO and genuine likeminded friendships, Welcome.
You're hungry to scale your business, impact and leadership but don’t want to do it alone. Think of this as your typical high end mastermind without the 6 figure Gucci level price tag with a massive emphasis on support and community.

Psst....If you're a business owner who wants to redefine mentorship... we have something for you too!

a co lead community featuring meredith rawlings

The Enriched Work$pace
Where High End Luxury Support Meets 5D Quantum Strategy

PS... It's Only $100/Month

I see you, busy CEO. Here’s the short answer:



There, I said it.

And if that doesn’t sound like the truth for you, then I want you to take a good hard look at how you’re running your life. Who will be there for you to call when you reach those 7 figures? How will you feel when your stress has you barely sleeping, even though you’ve finally got every success you ever worked for?

Life is EMPTY without community.
You MUST work on yourself. You MUST have a healthy body, mind, and soul in order to have the life you love. It’s NOT just the business.

That’s why the Community is so key to what we’ll be doing in the Work$pace. You can’t have success in the Work$pace without the Community. It doesn’t work like that in life, and it won’t work like that here, either.

Said with the love of someone who has been there.

Can I just join the Enrich Work$pace without joining the Community?

Mighty Networks is a platform where you can build your own private communities. It has a lot of functions of Facebook and Facebook Groups, but here’s the great part - 

You don’t get on and get distracted by your uncle’s political rants or your neice’s latest drama, and before you know it, you’ve spent 20 minutes being pulled down a negative rabbit hole, and all you wanted to do in the first place was go check out what’s happening in your ultra-positive mastermind group!

Sound familiar?

The Enrich Community is a space just for people showing up for themselves and each other, working to become the highest version of themselves. Where it’s safe to come with our failures, but only if we’re ready to be surrounded in love, positivity, and ideas for how to turn it around.

No distractions.

Only forward focus.

What is MightyNetworks? Why are you using it instead of Facebook?

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are you ready to start building connections and a community that will support a life and business where you thrive?


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