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"how to" guide for eating with the phases of the moon

download The Renew Protocol... my nutritional guidelines infused with my signature method for reducing inflammation 

The body goes through phases according to the moon’s cycles - when the moon is waxing, the body absorbs nutrients to store energy and harness the power of food. When the moon is waning, our bodies go into elimination mode, detoxing from toxins and everything that no longer serves us. Use this freebie as your guide to 10x your goals + align with the lunar phases!

This guide includes...
▵ my 5 key pillars of nutrition to live by
▵ a guide on inflammation
▵ my "go to" cheat sheet for do's and don'ts when dealing with inflammation
▵ specific protocols for reducing migraines, clearing up acne, and boosting your metabolism!

Exercising based on your cycle isn’t a widely discussed topic, but it should be. Use the tips in this guide to harness the power of your hormones to help you get closer to your goals, get the most out of your workouts, and finally feel like you're making progress inside and out of the gym!

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download here

everything you need to know about exercising for your cycle

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