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Welcome to Enriched, the podcast that peels back the curtain on what it truly takes for 6 and 7 figure CEOs to grow their businesses and themselves.




"Alex is sharing all her amazing coach to the masses and we're so lucky! She is the mirror that we all need to (even when we don't want to) see!"


From functional nutrition to hormones, gut health and anti inflammatory lifestyles, I am an expert in healing your body from the inside out so you feel proud and excited to be at home in your body.

Body + Wellness

Wealth is determined by so much more than the 000,000's in your bank account. Your business grows at the rate of your inner work and ability to hold the space, clients, visibility and responsibility of the income. You want it all and you are determined to live in overflow - a vibrant life, career, health, friendships, impact - you know you were born to do great things and you will stop at nothing to change the world and for your voice to be heard. 

Business + Wealth

Embodiment is the daily actions you take, how you choose to live your lifestyle. It’s the way that you’re showing up every single day. It’s the choices that you’re making. It’s the thoughts that you’re thinking, it’s the foods that you’re eating. It’s the spiritual connections, it’s your rituals, your habits, your routines, your fulfillment, your delight, it’s all of the things that you make a decision on every single day.

Embodiment + Lifestyle

What You'll Learn

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