Private Mentorship

Mentorship for Entrepreneurs and Women in Business

For those unwavering and committed to holistic self development and daily peak performance


Mentorship for Women who are dedicated to their own development so they can be more successful leading others

Let's face it... you're already a successful, driven woman, creating true impact in the world. You know that strategy alone won't get you to the next level, mastering your unique somatic energetics will. You hold BIG SPACE for your people. I have just one question, how held and supported do you allow yourself to be?

Expander, Healer, Amplifier, Motivator and your secret weapon to shattering the glass ceiling

Hey, I'm Alex. I'm a 5/1 manifesting generator, Virgo, and an ID on the DISC profile. I know, it's a lot wrapped up on the other end of your computer screen. Working with me means having a somatic energetics healer, business coach, psychic, holistic nutritionist, communications and leadership expert, executive director, wellness consultant, and trauma healer at your fingertips.

My manigen personality means I'm constantly moving, learning and growing. I'm thoroughly convinced when Robert Greene wrote, "Jack of all trades master of none, oftentimes better than master of none" about William Shakespeare he was having a premonition about my style of business. My entire life has been dedicated to breaking myself and others out of a box, burning down what's no longer working and digging deep to find your true purpose. The odds of you becoming human are one in 400 trillion so I know you were born with purpose and I will stop at nothing for your voice to be heard.

I approach mentorship with a roll up our sleeves approach; no two sessions are the same, they are all deeply visceral and they are entirely tailored to what you need each day. If you believe that everything is a mirror, when you start to look at how you feel when you wake up in the morning, how money is flowing to you, your thoughts when you look in the mirror, you can start to see the disconnection between your reality and your vessel.

Working with me, you begin to connect back to your unlimited self rooted in legacy, driven by optimization of YOU.

If you are truly dedicated to a world where you trailblaze and lead others, refinement and optimization of YOU should become a daily practice, like training for the NYC marathon or 29029 Everesting climb.

How do I possibly summarize a lifetime of thanks for one human? You know when someone comes into your life and is arguably one of the single biggest reasons it dramatically improved both your life and your business? That is Alex. She is one of few who I am grateful to for LIFE and is one of the single largest reasons we’ve made it this far as a business. Consider her the Mastermind oz behind the curtain. I worked with Alex for much of the last year and a half in large capacity, and without her, we simply would not be where we are today: in a space of 100K + launches, over a Quarter of a Mill per year, and growing to a soon to be multi-million dollar year space.

Most I have hired looked “shiny” when I hired them and then never truly got in the deep with my business. Alex was by my side every moment in the deep, digging into the depths of not only what makes my business succeed but what makes ME succeed. She sees every angle of you. Your health and physical body (hello energetics of food expert and BEST at this), your energetics (medium, in tune with Source, able to channel your best creativity WITH you), your business (Alex KNOWS numbers, she KNOWS business, and she knows scaling strategy like an organized Wizard.

This Wonder Woman of a human is the most well-rounded by-your-side business mentor I’ve ever had by my side, and most importantly? She CARES. She goes above and beyond to see your dreams come true even when you feel others haven’t listened or fully seen you. You would be wildly foolish not to work with her.

- Emily

Ways to Work with Me

All sessions are custom and tailored to you and what you need in each moment. Examples of what to expect include:

Expansion CodesExpand your capacity to hold more of what you desire : visibility, wealth, clients, events, etc
Body Work : Diving deep into your routines - eating, sleeping, supplementation, exercise, etc - to match your daily rituals with what your body needs. This is determined by DNA + bloodwork analysis.
Spiritual ReadingsChanneled messages and guidance, angel/tarot card readings, psychic downloading and more during all of our sessions - both business and CEO. You don't just get access to me, you have me and my spirit guides plus access your spiritual team as well.
Somatic/Visceral ClearingsClearing trauma, body work, reiki, and moving/clearing energy is a part of every session.
Leadership + Communication Trainings : Being a leader in the industry starts with being a leader to your team. The more effective you are in this area, the easier it is to scale and curate a culture of success, skyrocketing you to your goals.
DNA + Cellular ReprogrammingRecoding your belief systems, conditioned responses, cellular expansion, lifestyle embodiment, etc
Scaling + Launch StrategyMasterminding how and when to launch what offers, products, etc is my jam. It's our main focus to ensure your launch calendar supports your overall vision and goals for the year. These sessions are divinely guided, ensuring you are launching the right offers at exactly the right time.
Personal DevelopmentRewrite your motivation codes PLUS inspirational + aspirational coding is my jam. Whenever you need a boost, I'm here to bring you back to your why.
Offer + Product Suite DevelopmentTogether we roll up our sleeves to maximize your product suite and offers, aligning them and whatever comes next to your ultimate impact goals. 
Team Development :  Analyzing your team's strengths and areas of improvement to maximize effectiveness and help grow your team as individuals. Because when your team wins, you win.

and the list continues to be ever growing!

The Details.

2 Calls per month plus Monday-Friday Telegram Access
$3500 per Month

1 Call per month plus Monday - Friday Telegram Access
$2500 per Month

Telegram Only
$1500 per Month

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