We are exposed to toxins 24/7 in the products we use and the air we breathe. Jumping on a trampoline to start your day should be your non negotiable way to detox as part of your morning routine!

It’s no secret that Apple Cider Vinegar has many uses but there’s a reason all of my clients take what I like to call, the “Shot of Champions” every morning.

There are three essential parts to your overall wellness, a balance of mind, body and soul. When your mind and soul are aligned and your body is strong to carry you during the journey, passion is ignited to set your life on fire!

We try all the time to put that best foot forward in our work, in our appearance, in our relationships. Very often, we put our own wellness care on hold though to accomplish what we’ve determined is priority. Often I suggest to my clients to imagine that airplane safety talk where they tell the adults in the plane to put their masks on first to take care of those needing some help. Understanding that a nonnegotiable time commitment to one’s self is the key to accomplishing what is really your best case wellness plan.

Inflamed. The Power to Heal and Protect Starts with You   There is a reason the discussion on inflammation is a hot topic. Chronic inflammation is the culprit of many life-altering diseases such as stroke, respiratory illness, heart disorders, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. It’s both good and bad news that your daily lifestyle choices contribute […]